The players are a group of supernatural mercenaries who have banded together to make money utilising their unique talents, working for the mysterious ‘Agency’.

After running the Chosen game for a few years with the hero archetypes, I wanted to try a different approach to the system. This enabled the players to experience the world from a different point of view, as they could now play as antiheroes and in some cases, downright villains. Despite their varied moral inclinations, the group needed to rely on each other to survive and complete missions. This lead to some interesting player led confrontations, as many missions would have a single pay-out which was split amongst the survivors…

At the start of each game the players would be given three envelopes, each containing a different mission. The only clue they were given to the contents of these envelopes were a mission name on the front and a list of specialized skills needed on the back.

At the end of each mission the players could spend money on their shared accommodations and any equipment they wanted. This created a fun base building element to the game and the wall of dead mercs helped to keep the resentment fires burning.

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