An open-world sandbox game with no direct linear path, encouraging the player to explore and discover the game world.

The most modern iteration of the Chosen system, this is a game that is still currently in development but has been very well received by the test players. Using the supernatural format for a pirate game works incredibly well as it adds a new dimension to the idea of a traditional swashbuckling pirate adventure. A single gameplay mechanic, such as ship combat, is taken to a new dimension with this addition, as the players can acquire magically infused cannonballs or utilise unique intimidation tactics to gain an advantage over enemy vessels.

Alongside a new random encounter generator and updated class and race system to fit the time period, a new ship maintenance and crew development system was created. This increased both the players agency engagement with the game world. All decisions in game were also put to a vote between the players, which encouraged debate regarding progression and enabled all players to have their say in how the story would develop.

The game world is also always progressing with the antagonists in the story running on their own timed path. This created a sense of urgency and ensured the players never felt like they were drifting around randomly. This gameplay choice also added a new element of risk to certain activities. Would the players maintain course to make it to a location before the enemy, or would they stop off at a random encounter which could provide them with resources or items to give them an advantage against the enemy when they arrive?

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