A series of single missions where the players took on the roles of a squad of government soldiers, sent in to deal with supernatural threats in dangerous locations.

In the Chosen games there was a group of soldiers the group kept running into, which would neutralise and capture supernatural creatures and individuals. They discovered that this was a secretive branch of the government, who were actively studying the mystical and demonic.

These games were run as one offs, but any surviving characters could level up and be brought into the next one. I created new classes and character creation elements to reflect the military style of the games and introduced a new ranking system for the players. For each mission they were given a briefing sheet and a visit to the armoury to choose their own equipment.

The games missions took place in contained locations and had a linear story, but with different routes and solutions to the objectives. These games also saw the creation of my players favourite NPC, Deathwish Dave, who would turn up in several Chosen games moving forward.

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