To say I am a big fan of Resident Evil would be an understatement, and I wanted my players to experience the story. Because there were multiple players however, this presented me with an opportunity to reimagine the original Resident Evil as a multiplayer RPG running over several games.

I designed classes for each of the STARS officers and backgrounds, merits and flaws for each character based on their background and personality. I also restructured the story slightly to allow for players being separated, starting each in different locations. As the game progressed the players came across each other and had to make decisions whether to stay together for strength in numbers, or split up to cover more ground. I also tweaked certain puzzles so the players would have to solve certain challenges simultaneously, ensuring they did not travel as a large group for the majority of the game.

I also designed a game based on the outbreak games, which focused on the downfall of Racoon City during the Resident Evil 2 and 3 timelines. For this I fully researched the cannon events of the Resident Evil timeline, then added some locations and stories of my own. I also wanted to test out different mechanics for a tabletop game, to make it feel more like the playstyle of the videogames. These included card, live play and several dice systems, which enabled me to develop my knowledge on how game mechanics can add to the games narrative.

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